Vote for Kim Plunkett       [11.20.1999,  Jennifer Aniston]

Kim Plunkett: Tired of politics as usual here on the island? Tired of that fatcat Wayne Porter screwing everything up? It's time for a change! Hi, I'm Kim Plunkett, fdounder of the Island Reform Party. Four years ago, I started drinking sea water. It's given me x-ray vision and a lot of great ideas for the future.

First, I'll catch and eat that giant hot dog that's been running around the island. That's a no-brainer, folks! Second, I'll return the airplane to full working order using nothing more than sand, goo old-fashioned elbow grease, and this paperback copy of Coma by Robin Cook. Where am I going to find the sand, you ask? I don't know. Third, ARF ARF ARF ARF ARF ARF RUFF ARF ARF ARF!!!! And finally, I'm the only candidate who is openly plotting to kill everyone else on the island and then commit suicide.

My family and I have lived on this island since it was given to us by Evel Knievel. I ate him, and I'll eat you too. (wink)

Announcer: Kim Plunkett. He's going to eat you.

Kim Plunkett: (yelling) I'm gonna eat you! (thumbs up)



Kim Plunkett-
              Will Ferrel