Goth Talk       [5.15.1999,  Sarah Michelle Gellar]

Channel 33: Sunshine State Cable Access...Theme Song

Circy: Welcome to Goth Talk, I'm Circy Nightshade!

Azriel: And I'm Azriel Abyss, the Prince of Sorrow.

Circy: Prepare yourself children of the night, tonight we are going to take you spiraling DOWN DOWN DOWN into the ecstasy of the unearthly!

Azriel: The ecstasy of the unearthly! Weeeeee!

Circy: But we have to be quiet because Azriel's brother Glenn came home wasted from a beach party, and he's hiding out behind the couch until The Prince of Sorrow's parents go to sleep.

Glenn: *singing* She's got legs! And she knows how to use them...

Azriel: Glenn, you're ruining our dark spell!

Glenn: Shhh-za Yo! I was doin' it that loud?? I'm sorry, listen, listen. I'll be hiding under here, okay? Be cool.

Azriel: Agghhhh! Anyway...

Circy: Let's begin our decent into madness with a Goth Talk concert review! Azriel.

Azriel: Last Saturday, I saw a new Goth band called "The Grim Reaper" And theirs is a morbid elegy to the horrible squallow of life... I think. Actually I missed most of the show when I accidentally dropped my retainer. I spent most of the time looking for it on the floor.

Circy: So, if you were at the show Saturday, and have found a most demonic retainer, please return it to the address below. *Address Flashes*

Azriel: I had it wrapped in a napkin, if I don't find it my dad's going to kill me! Rrrraarrr! Our guest tonight is the goddess of the Goth seen in nearby Orlando. She hosts her own show, a cable access show, it's called, "Black Magic Kingdom."

Circy: She's a dark destroyer of men and empires... and we used to go to tennis camp together.

Azriel: But her family moved away last summer. Rrrrrraaryyeee! Please welcome-

Circy and Azriel: Countess Cabuella!

Azriel: Come on in... Come on in... Come on in... Come on in... Come on in...

Circy: It's a dark, dark delight to see you again Cabuella! There's been a void in my soul ever since your dad got transferred to that marketing job in the Hardrock Cafe.

Cabuella: Yes, Circy, parting is such a fiendish little slice of death! But Countess Cabuella was actually pretty phyched to get out of Tampa. Orlando is much more sinister.

Circy: Well, Tampa's pretty sinister too! It's at least as sinister as Clearwater, or Tarpon Springs!

Azriel: Ooooohhhh! Yes! It's very sinister! They just opened a water-slide park downtown, a very macabre water-slide park!

Cabuella: Don't make me laugh! Ha. Orlando is much more sinister. Tampa's Goth scene is lame. It's pretty much just you two and that weird guy Azriel works with a Cinnabuns!

Azriel: Gordy's a creature of the night!

Cabuella: No, Gordy is a 32-year-old Eagle Scout that rides a Huffy!

Azriel: Eeeeeeeyaaaaa!

Circy: Well, Cabuella, we can't all live in Orlando and do dark things like work part-time at the Epcot Center!

Cabuella: I only do that to pay for the clothes, Stephanie!

Azriel: Ooooo-Eeeee-Ooooo-Yeeeeaaa.

Circy: My name is not Stephanie! It's Circy Nightshade, Denise! And anyway you can shove Orlando! I'm a hundred times more Goth than you are and I always have been!

Cabuella: Yeah, you were real Goth when you modeled pajamas for Pic-and-Save.

Circy: Oh, yeah, well you sure were the Dark Mistress of the Night when you... lip-synched to Ace of Base in our 8'th grade talent show!

Azriel: So, Countess Cabuella, you've brought a clip of your show with you. Does it need a setup?

Cabuella: Sure, this is a clip of my show: "Black Magic Kingdom," a show about real Goth. Something Circy wouldn't know anything about.

Circy: Well let's see then...*Inserts Tape* Behold: The voluptuous horror of Cabuella.

~Tape: *Cabuella sings to "Ace of Base"* "All that she wants, is another baby. She's gone tomorrow! All that she wants, is another baby. Yeah..."

Circy: Uhhhh, huh! Yeah, you were really Goth, Cabuella!

Cabuella: You #*$%&!! Where'd you get that?

Circy: You're the #*$%&!!

Cabuella: You're a #*$%&!!

Circy: You're a #*$%&!!

Azriel: All right, the evening has come to a close- Until next time...Stay out of the daylight!



Azriel- Chris Kattan

Circy- Molly Shannon

Cabuella- Sarah Michelle Gellar

Glenn-Jim Breuer